Blood and Soil

I believe that it is of utmost importance that one should research, uphold and gain wisdom from one’s blood. Delving deep into your family history, understanding your own culture in its untainted form, seeking your ancient roots – these are the things that can make up your aware, enriched and proud identity.

You can learn myriads of things by studying your blood. And study it you should, as I don’t believe the horrible events and cultural shifts of the past century allowed anyone but a handful of people to fully hold on to the knowledge once passed from generation to generation.

My own family stems from the Germanic tribe of Silings that formed relationships with the latter arrivals – the Slavic (=linguistic term) Golensizi around V or VI century, just like the Varangians and Slavic people in Ukraine did a few centuries later. Very close relations with neighboring Germany, Great Moravia (today’s Czech Republic) and Poland made sure this Germanic-Slavic combination remained essentially the same to modern times.


Depiction of Magna Germania in the early 2nd century, including the location of the Silingi

I was very fortunate, as my father managed to find accounts of our ancestors dating a few centuries back. All of them, with only few exceptions, through war and turmoil, lived on the same land and upheld their traditions, even though, under different occupants, it often meant vicious discrimination in school and at work, just like in Ukraine under Polish rule, Occitania under French rule and so many other places in Europe. I am proud to be a part of that line. Nationalism might have been easy in countries like Germany 1933-1944 (and don’t think for one second it was wrong – related post here) and other places like England and USA (only they chose to call it patriotism instead), but it’s comforting that there were those whose beliefs couldn’t be smothered by imposed ideologies. It is just as crucial a characteristic today as it was then – if not more.

Something which many people fail to see is that reincarnation is a concept very much present in the Pagan religion of Europe. The only difference to that of which most people think of – a literal rebirth – is that it takes place as a metaphor, or perhaps more accurately as a catalyst of your ancestors skills and wisdom onto you. The symbolism of naming children after a particularly skilled, wise and accomplished grandparent so as to pass these ancestral family characteristics onto descendants is very well worth noting in that context. In ancient times children were given names when they were a couple of years old, and that tradition was a bit different in a sense that the ancestors good characteristics could already correspond with that of the descendant, making the name that less random.

Equally important is knowing your homeland – all her characteristics, history, folklore will form into an exquisitely sophisticated symphony that will make your heart sing. Since a lot of history written after 1945 is subjective and fouled by politics and propaganda, you should seek for older material as much as possible. Alternatively you may try to find revisionist historians, like David Irving, who base their work on original source material and attempt to present an unbiased course of events. Even then take everything with skepticism and always follow your intuition – it’s a powerful tool and should never be underestimated.

Upper Silesia coat of arms

Upper Silesia coat of arms

The place which my family has called home for the past few centuries or longer, and I call home still today, is Upper Silesia (the name Silesia stems from the name of a holy mountain, that was the continental center of the Celtic, Germanic and Slavic Solar Cult – i.e. European Pagan religion for thousands of years before the coming of Christianity, and until as recently as XVII-XVIII century). It’s difficult, but rich history meant that it was a separate, independent entity only for a fraction of time (1138-1336). Later part of the Czech Crown, it fell to Habsburg rule in 1526 and suffered mistreatment and usury for five following centuries, with only slightly milder treatment under Prussian (1742-1871) and German (1871-1945) rule.

I often hear accusations that many people, like myself, who write about healthy European ideology, fail to do enough in that context in real life. In many cases that may be true. I on the other hand personally believe that action speaks louder than words. Always. And I live by that.

For he who runs shall never find peace.

When you’re reading these words, my dear homeland, Upper Silesia, fights for autonomy from Poland. I take an active part in that stubborn struggle.


14 thoughts on “Blood and Soil

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    • There’s a theory that they passed through these lands. Nothing certain, however, and thanks to modern science we can say for sure that they left little to none of their genetics – hence no invasion or serious settlement took place.

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  3. Great article. I have seen many people claiming that “Eastern-Europeans aren’t really Europeans”. This is an obvious lack of knowledge and a biased view. It’s just like saying that the eastern side of your house isn’t “really your house”. Many see Poland, Ukraine and Russia as an alien -which is really similar to what they do to Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece, trying to destroy the European identity by segregating us. West or East, Evropa is only one. Maybe different names, but for the same things.

    • It’s most of the time just the usual lack of knowledge – even if you opt for the Germano-centric theory (which is flawed), not only many groups within East Europe carry significant amounts of Teutonic DNA but they also tend to look more Aryan (i.e. European) than the accuser, at times. Thank you for your comment – people should know that many false boundaries are created for the sole purpose to weaken us as a people, that truly used to combine similar cultures, traditions, religion and blood.

  4. Great pleasure to read this. Our joint family heritage includes Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian, French, and Italian, and we are very intent on tracing back our family history to reclaim our roots, our heritage, and our traditions. Thank you!

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    Right on Werwolf!

    This is why I have taken on the task of homeschooling my son, as the AntiWhite narrative is alive and well in the American Public School System and post-secondary colleges, universities, etc. The Establishment Jews are purposely trying to erase Our White History in attempt to eradicate Our White Identity so as to make Working White People the slaves of the New World Order.

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