Spiraculum Mortis

A third of all pregnancies in Europe end in termination according to a research article published by Guttmacher Institute. That means almost 2 000 000 abortions each year. And that’s just the officially reported ones, carried out via public health-care institutions.

Private clinics rarely bother to keep track and endanger their clients’ privacy. Also, less than 70% of European countries permit abortion and usually require a legitimate reason for performing one. The illegal abortions are not included in this total. Therefore, it is estimated that up to a further 1 500 000 may slip past the official statistics, based on separate reports from different countries.

The aborted babies are then used for vaccine production (vaccines themselves had long been declared as a fraud, doing your kid more bad than good, by independent scientists such as Dr. Suzanne Humphries and more than 150 others).

The establishment and the media, along with the World Health Organization are shameless when it comes to explaining this truly horrible phenomenon.

They say that in the countries with high abortion rates, not enough women have access to contraceptive pills, and that the pills are the solution to this problem. They claim that it mostly concerns backward countries, with not enough sexual education, poor health-care and more difficult access to medical advice.

If that was true, how come that France, Scandinavia and Belarus all have fairly similar abortion rates? Is that because health-care and sexual education are so similar in these countries? I believe that these statistics are twisted, and show e.g. less than a single abortion per 100 births per year for Poland, while a reported 200 000 Polish women performed abortions in clinics all over Europe and illegally in Poland. It is the same for any other country with strict abortion laws, like Portugal, Malta and few others.

The other huge misconception is that these numbers concern everyone living in Europe to the same extent. Nothing could be further from the truth. It concern almost exclusively White women. Doctors would rarely recommend an abortion to a colored woman, because apparently “their specific culture would make it hard for them to accept such prospect.” But that doesn’t deter these murderous, lying, greedy, hypocrite doctors from recommending abortion to any “immature” White couple (which to them is anyone up to 24 years old), any single White female, any White couple living on average or under average income, any White female that is “not certain” about it or declared that the pregnancy wasn’t planned ahead.

And they’re damn good at convincing the younger patients – just look at the horrid numbers. But the deranged doctors have such an easy job to do, after the endless bombardment of vile, anti-pregnancy propaganda it’s either the pill or an abortion. Why? Because you need to be responsible. You need to graduate from a university. You need to have a career. You need to work a lot. But over and above all, you need to sleep around as much as possible, because how would you be able to tell who’s the right person for you otherwise? You need fun. And having children and a stable relationship is as far from fun as you could possibly get – or at least that’s what they want you to believe. That’s what they want you to live by. And millions do.

Intentional and systematic encouragement of such measures and rationalizing them with such empty and false arguments, which results in more than 3 000 000 White babies being murdered every year is genocide, and the evil murderous governments, media and doctors should answer for it to the full extent.

On the other hand, there is the pill. The “secret” behind the contraceptive pill is actually really simple and doesn’t require any thorough explanation. More than 20% females in Europe take it on a continuous basis, as reported by a United Nations study. It changes their hormone levels, inhibiting fertility. Hormones control our physiology and behavior. No one should allow such meddling with their own body and psyche. Research indicates that taking the pill may induce depression – and this is often misunderstood and also identified as a reduction in libido – but it’s the other way around.

You don’t have to trust me or the scientists – just observe casually how much easier it is to pick up a depressed girl with low self-esteem and escalate to sexual intercourse – even when she is in a relationship. And in fact, the pill widens the range of arousal responses significantly, thus making such adventurous intercourse more gratifying. The girl (or woman) will repeat that scenario indefinitely, failing to identify the source of her changed behavior – if she notices that she’s changed at all. Chances are she’ll see herself as liberated and doing exactly what she wants – surely that’s what feminists and other sick groups are telling her. But just observe – almost all of these “liberated” promiscuous girls are deeply unhappy, unable to cope with their own emotional problems. They put on a bold mask, but it’s no good for anyone with eyes to see. I speak from experience, as I knew many girls like that intimately.

It’s a new kind of socially and chemically engineered female – and she’s the one that ultimately loses. Not only they’re making the White race effectively sterile through this scientifically engineered catastrophe, but also they’re denying the females their own healthy natural instincts. No one gains anything from mating with extreme numbers of partners – no matter what the Hollywood and pseudo-science has taught you thus far.

If you’re female and on the pill, please convince yourself to quit this drug. If you’re male and your girlfriend is on the pill, show her this article or any other relevant information, convince her to quit this drug. The truth is you should be sleeping only with a person that you deem good enough to be your children’s parent. If you don’t think you’re quite ready yet – that’s understandable, but with an intelligent and careful mate you can use other contraception methods that are available.

But I can’t stress this enough – you should be only sleeping with a person that you deem good enough to be your children’s parent. And suddenly you’ll realize that pregnancy is very far from a disaster you have to avoid at all costs to your mental and physical health.

Remember – you’re beautiful, wise, brave and strong. You’re European. Let all your choices be based on that.



8 thoughts on “Spiraculum Mortis

  1. I agree the pill is bad for women’s health, and I think abortion should always be a last resort.

    But, you aren’t going to win women over to white nationalism with your talk of how silly it is for women to have educations and careers. Sorry, but reaching your full potential as human beings is not just for men. Leadership is not just for men. Discovery and success is not just for men. If we weren’t meant to do great things, God wouldn’t have made men and women equally intelligent. Female humans would be like female hens, total morons, compared to the roosters.

    If you want white women to have more babies, stop trying to tell us we need to focus ONLY on being wives, mothers, housekeepers, etc. Those roles are certainly important, but we can do more, if you would just HELP.

    I think it a shameful tragedy that any human being should not reach their full potential and get the feeling of contributing to society as a parent AND through their work, particularly when them not reaching their potential is avoidable. There are so many things that Western societies could do to make it EASIER to keep an unplanned baby and EASIER to have more babies. Among them:

    -Impressive stipends when a woman or couple has a baby. White babies are important enough for us to be able to help families out financially a little. The money could come from the social benefits to unwanted immigrants and the foreign aid to impoverished nations.

    -Free daycare centers in towns and cities, 7 days a week, preferably 24/7. Government-mandated daycare at large employers…possibly even government-funded.

    -Nursing stations throughout cities and towns.

    -Familiar with those churches with the glass soundproof rooms in the back, where sound goes in but doesn’t go out? Put those in every college classroom, church, presentation hall, etc. Then mothers can take babies to all these places.

    -Government-paid parental leave…for the fathers too.

    -More frequent construction of very large homes and multiple family homes. Monogamy is not actually the natural state of humanity, and our transition to monogamy has been especially hard on women, because it has taken away our “tribe” of fellow women (and men) living in the same cave or shelter as us that we could depend on for help. Women were actually more productive WAAY back in hunter/gatherer days than we were 100 years ago (and had more kids to boot), and that’s because we had easy access to a network of women to rely on. A few women could watch all the kids while the rest of the women went out and gathered/farmed, etc. A really huuuuge house with 3 families in it would restore some of this network, you’d have multiple adult women living in the same house who could rely on each other. Maybe even one of them could be a SAHM while the other two had careers and made money for the family. More homes like these would also allow for extended families to live together, a woman with children could have her retired parents living with her to help with the kids, etc.

    Every single social space that could do a better job of accommodating children should do so. Society is built for men to reach their full potential despite being fathers. It is built to accommodate women as mothers, but NOT for us to reach our full potential as humans, and to also be mothers, so we must choose between them (a choice we don’t expect men to make). Re-think how we design buildings and communities to make them more child-friendly and therefore, woman-friendly, while not being any less friendly to men. In other words, help us finally be fully included.

    Lord knows European civilization could have not come this far without the help of both European men AND women, but it is mostly women who have been the ones whose intelligence, creativity, leadership skills, etc, have been wasted. No, not all men reached their full potential and in fact most didn’t–many died in wars or worked a horrible job just to feed their families. But, self-actualization has always been possible for men much much much moreso than for women. And I’m not complaining about the past–I think the sacrifices that both men and women have made were absolutely necessary to get us to this point. But now that Europe (or at least, the white areas) has become such a good place to live in terms of human rights, safety, education quality, healthcare, infrastructure, etc., it’s time to make a little sacrifice so we can bring women fully into the fold. Yes, that is going to cost money and that is going to mean higher taxes, but these are white babies and white people we are talking about, literally priceless. I wouldn’t have any problem paying a good deal more in taxes if it means more white babies in an all-white society and both white men and women being able to fully contribute to society using ALL their abilities.

    Do you know why immigration is happening? To replace white babies that were never born. Do you know why those white babies were never born? Because Western society is not as baby-friendly and child-friendly as it could be. I’m sorry, but we are NOT getting back in the kitchen. We are human-fucking-beings and we have so much to contribute beyond our wombs, and white society can financially afford this to boot. You want to save the white race; start pushing more socialism and higher taxes and anything you can think of that will help babies, children, and mothers, and restore some of the “tribal” support women used to have before humans switched to monogamy.

    • Helen,

      Thank you for your exhaustive comment – I’m very glad you took the time to explain your views in such detail.

      Nevertheless I believe you misunderstood the article. I never stated that women should not have a career or an education – I stated that they shouldn’t do so if it’s sacrificing parenthood at the same time. So in a way, we agree on that.

      While I’m 100% for more White babies and more and bigger happy White families in all-White nations / neighborhoods, I still couldn’t agree with men and women equality in terms of the roles they can play in society. One thing White females can’t seem to realize is that they have it better than any other females (try “reaching your potential” in Africa…) and than any one of their distant ancestors because men elevated them to a better position within a White society. It wasn’t some Jew-propelled feminism movement of gender equality that did so. It was men. Feminism and gender equality movements are now trying to turn this on its head and screw it all up for you. Remember that.

      Furthermore, I don’t buy complaining about the public spaces and government efforts not being accommodating enough for kids and their mothers, just for fathers… First off, it’s not entirely true, and second, it was never necessary for large families. I mean, what was so accommodating about Greater Germany (i.e. southern Brazil a century ago) where White families used to have 10-15 kids on average? Was it the glass soundproof rooms?.. No Helen, it wasn’t – it was, for the most part, a non-urban lifestyle closer to nature, lack of anti-family propaganda and lack of harmful pharmaceutical contraceptives and abortion. And hence all the issues I tackled here and in this article.

  2. My deepest sympathies go to any woman who has had to endure this hate filled and vilely anti-woman propaganda campaign. They have known nothing different in their lives. How can they when they have no models or examples to follow aside from Jewish feminists imploring them to have careers and to follow a course sure to lead to suicidal self-declination? Nobody has taught them to be what they are meant to be: Mothers, wives, teachers, preservers and housekeepers. Instead, they are told to adapt to a man’s world and to completely alter the composition of their normal environment. A true horror what the idea of pregnancy itself has become. Pregnancy from a man she loves is the greatest thing to happen to a woman. She holds the future in her womb! Nothing is more empowering than this!

    • I completely agree with you as to the utterly degrading influence of feminism and the unacceptable anti-pregnancy propaganda – which is, I’m afraid, connected to our increased inability to choose the right mate. Of course you don’t want to get pregnant with a semi-random guy. But why would you sleep with him in the first place? And the same goes to men. Only a pathetic infertile clown needs to be that hyper-sexual.

      But I’d say you, on the other hand, limited the healthy female roles in a society too much. I think we have a lot to learn from our past. And females, without succumbing to feminism and anti-life propaganda, were often so much more than mothers, wives, teachers, preservers and housekeepers. As indisputably glorious all of these roles are, I wouldn’t say there aren’t more healthy paths for females to take.

      I find the last to phrases of your comment especially vital – it really is amazing how many women, when they reach later stages of pregnancy and give birth, actually realize what a beautiful miracle it is.

  3. Reblogged this on Rise of The West and commented:
    The 14 Word Motto was, in the beginning, a WARNING against the suicide of the Western man and woman, when it came to infanticide and race-mixing.

    Liberal politics, since even before WWII, has encouraged this mortal, and diabolical agenda.

    • I agree. And the horryfing results of that agenda should be more than enough to provoke active counter-measures. Informing and positively influencing as many people as possible – at least in our private circles – is an absolute necessity.

  4. You are 100% correct in what you say about the birth control pill. I was addicted to this horrible drug for many years until I quit just over one year ago. It was originally prescribed to me at age 16 as treatment for severe cramping. Our health care professionals push this drug on unsuspecting young women and strongly discourage them from ever stopping it. Its psychological and behavioral effects are not disclosed in any of the literature, and come as a great shock and embarrassment when the drug is finally stopped.

    • Thank you for your honest comment. My wife started to take the pill at even younger age and continuously did for 10 years with just a 2 month break. Her experience after finally quitting is very similar to yours. It’s extremely hard, if not impossible, to observe how different your behavior and mental health is until you actually stop. What horrifies me is that some people (WHO included) make the public believe that it’s either the pill or the threat of an abortion – as if you didn’t have a choice and had to poison yourself in order to avoid consequences. It’s just outrageous. A very wise relative of mine once said that it never ceases to amaze her how so many people nowadays have the same approach towards getting pregnant as to catching a cold. It just randomly happens. I think a fair interpretation of these words would be: choice means responsibility, but some people don’t want to hear it. I couldn’t agree with her more. The pill is pushed as essential to the “fun” you’re supposed to have and as a great and safe precaution measure, no strings attached. But it doesn’t work that way at all.

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