My ambition is to see you prepared to survive.

To see your loved ones prepared to survive.

The world we live in now is not going to last in its current form. You know it to be true.

We can only speculate as to the exact cause of its eventual downfall. We can only speculate as to the way it will look like afterwards. Nevertheless there’s no room for speculation when it comes to this one simple notion: with so many wishing you and your family no good, don’t do them the favor of being unprepared. It doesn’t take much effort, and the benefits will go way beyond your readiness for the unforeseen.

The ancient proverb – suum cuigue – “to each his own” will be truer and more powerful in the years and decades to come. We, the European people, are ideologically, culturally and biologically threatened. You know it to be true. Because you’re not blind. The signs are literally everywhere. Several years ago some people would call me paranoid. Today, they admit I was right all along. We’re threatened and I dare say that the odds can turn against us even more if the current political and economic systems finally meet their doom.


The Hour of the Wolf. You will be able to say what thou think. You will be able to do what thou wilt. But you’ll be vastly outnumbered, after decades of forced abortions and sterilization and war against the concept of family itself. You will find no support in your own nation. Everyone is a stranger today, living separate lives with no sense of unity whatsoever – and how else could they force this upon us? Time will be too short to amend this. Most of your nation will be rendered useless in any case – after decades of forced pacifist attitudes and eradication of any trace of masculine force. If you think that pumping iron is going to do the trick, you’re dead wrong.

Prepare continuously – yes, you will never be 100% ready, so just keep straining your mind and body. Learn and train. Train and learn. Stock resourceful books. Stock survival gear. Stock dry foods. Stock maps. To keep your closest circle safe, you will have to become ultra-militaristic. A Werwolf (German for Werewolf, sometimes spelled Wehrwolf as a word-play: Wehr=war).

Helmuth von Moltke the Elder once said:

Perpetual peace is a dream and not a pleasant one at that. War is a part of Gods plan. In it the most noble of virtues in man unfold: courage, self-denial, devotion to duty, self-sacrifice. Without war the world would be mired in materialism.

I believe that taking it very literally would be a mistake. While it’s true that Moltke wrote primarily on the art of war, his knowledge was much broader and he often spoke about a subject from this perspective – broadening it effectively so it in effect it became a philosophical matter as well. A Field Marshall’s way to write about the world he observed.

What he said is simple. Be always prepared. War is inevitable. War as a broad term, including single combat and non-violent conflicts as well as any other difficulties you might encounter. If you choose to think otherwise, you loose – your kin loses and dies out. By embracing this fact you fortify the best in you. Your true virtues. Of course the degenerate leftist would have you think otherwise. But you prevail. You survive.

werwolfThere are two useful forms of survival. The first is green survival and could be defined simply as complete self-sufficiency. Be it by developing permacultural farm, where everything you need is just there, or otherwise. The second is military survival, which basically means staying alive while completing an objective – e.g. getting your family or friends from point A to point B.

Learn about both. Learn to sustain people you care about and yourself. Learn to aid them when necessary. Don’t let yourself be turned into a specialized slave. A specialized slave who knows only one narrow profession, usually not fit for the conditions to come. Learn about farming, construction, first aid, extreme unarmed combat, natural medicine, useful plants that grow in your area, survival tactics etc.

Stay prepared for a life “outside the system”. Don’t let it drag you over the cliff upon its own certain fall. If we’re very unfortunate, this may not happen during your lifetime – and even though almost certainly it will, you’ll find all these skills very useful in the world today, too. The sodomy and lust. The propaganda and suffering. The lies and hate. Mainstream science and Abrahamic religions. The financial crises. The war crises. The reduction of our race in numbers and quality. The overwhelming inability to mold it all back into the once noble sculpture called society – a term only to be mocked nowadays. Inability to chisel out the degeneracy and rot. All this – all of today – suddenly will not concern you anymore as you reverse the irreversible.

This is your primal task – which we chose to call Operation Werwolf. All else is secondary. Preserve, protect and survive.



3 thoughts on “Werwolf

  1. I realized what we have coming many years, and involved myself and my family in prepping, survivalism and permaculture for close to 10 years. At this point we are prepared for most developements, but we also have a better and more natural life.
    Prepping is NOT about being a fearful victim to a perceived scenario, but freedom and a realistic preparedness to ANY development.

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