Splendor Solis IV: The Last Pagan

The short-lived Emperor Julian (331-363 CE) succeeded Constantine in 361 CE. He shocked the empire by renouncing Christianity, which earned him the title “the Apostate” by Church historians.

He issued an edict of religious freedom (which concerned those that didn’t even know the meaning of the term – the rabid murderous fanatics of Galilee and Judea and their followers). He rebuilt the Pagan temples, ended banishment of religious exiles, and eliminated special privileges for Christian officials. He founded the Neo-platonic school of philosophy. He spurned the decadent Byzantine palace, dressed simply, studied philosophy, promulgated tax reform, and fostered study of the humanities and arts.

However, his reign lasted only twenty months; he died in June of 363 in battle with the Persians, possibly at the hand of a Christian – a traitor within his own army.

Later historians, however, had a different title for him – “the Last Pagan”. And in a very narrow sense, they’re quite right. As he was indeed the last ruling Pagan of the Roman Empire, which at the time spanned almost half of our ancient homeland:


Julian sought to reverse the grave mistake of his predecessor to save the Empire from dissolution and perhaps more importantly – to save Romans and indeed all Europeans from evil, foreign ideology which so quickly corrupted Rome. He did so on every level and was recognized as a skilled administrator, social reformer, commander, theosophist and writer. Nevertheless his efforts were too little too late. The damage was done. The Empire already broken at its core and he was far too moderate in his actions.

He could neither avoid the dissolution of the Roman Empire, nor his own death at the hand of a sick, delusional individual.


5 thoughts on “Splendor Solis IV: The Last Pagan

  1. An interesting individual. You touched on something that I wanted to ask someone of conviction for some time.

    We claim to be a strong, honorable and couragous race. How come, then, we submitted to the Christian rule? If we know in our hearts that it is wrong, how come we were persecuted by our own people. How can a race so strong be corrupted so deeply that it destroys itself and allows it?

    • Firstly, I wouldn’t say they were “our own people”. In the beginning, they were just a bunch of psychotic Jewish terrorists. And yes, our own honor made us weak against such a dishonorable enemy. We could never have adapted their terrorism without losing honor. It was surely a shocking novelty, imported from Asia. We made a mistake of venturing into their lands.

      “For he who fights with monsters should seek that he himself doesn’t become a monster”

      With this quote we arrive at an obvious conclusion that with time, we did get less honorable. BUT instead of turning all these new evil traits against those that gave birth to them, some of us chose to seek dominance over our own kind. Of course that hardly answers your question, only adds to it. Let me elaborate then:

      Our race became less strong because of race-mixing – Christianity first occurred in lands with largely mongrelized populations (and, naturally, access to the Jewish ideology and influence) – that’s a well known fact.

      Remember – purer ethnic groups were Pagan for up to a thousand years longer that the more mongrelized or sooner outnumbered nations.

      As for this – answer this one question: would you say that a Norseman that single-handedly slayed around 40 English soldiers, bare-chested and armed only with an axe, to be finally put down by a dishonorable blow (Google Stamford Bridge for more info on this) was not strong, honorable and courageous?

      I’d say he was very much so. I hope he had kids to pass on his great characteristics. He was outnumbered 15 000 : 1 and so he lost.

      Christianization was NOT a one-phase process.

      First the mongrels were terrorized into accepting the Abrahamic faith – they were probably to an extent not so strong and courageous.

      Then the purer Europeans were outnumbered (again – just like during the Asiatic invasions when we lost our ancient Vagina Gentium – the Caucasus, never to regain it) and were brutalized into accepting the Abrahamic faith.

      Just from this simplified example you can deduct how dangerous it is to allow foreign influence on your people and to race-mix. We’re all full of blind lust, to be sure, but to choose a mate more rationally should not be such an issue – but you can see it was (and still is) for many people.

      You must also remember that the dissolution of the Roman Empire was in fact only partial – the old Pagan Empire fell (I’m not glorifying it one bit, I actually think they, in a way, had it coming), the new Catholic Empire rose (I’m going to elaborate on that in the future on this blog) and even though you won’t be able to see it on the map, they never lost their gigantic influence on Europe – just that the nature of that influence changed, and changed dramatically. Some will have you believe that all of Rome just magically vanished, because it was such a fragile creation in the first place – and it’s not entirely true.

      The Empire even expanded further to gain influence over the whole of Europe in the subsequent centuries – Roman military administrators were replaced by monks and armed fanatical religious zealots all too fluently, all amidst death and chaos – the New Rome’s struggle for Europe.

      They both won and lost that struggle – bear with me as I’m going to tackle that subject in the near future.

      • This poises for another interesting question: why is our race strong and honorable, while the others play with deceit and dishonor themselves. One cannot call jews cowardly, because it takes guts to rwach for the world and hold it. Even of it is a sick and twisted form of courage.

        Do you think it is simply a problem with upbringing, as you noticed yourself that with time, we degenarated, all of us, as our surroundings changed with each generation. Or maybe it is truly a problem of dishonorable races? And if so, where is justice in that? How can one man be born full of honor, and another from ancestors hailing from a diffrent land cannot? It is a cruel thought.

      • I will quote a Jew: “The Goyim are so gullible, it’s like taking candy from a child”.

        So you see, it doesn’t take courage for the Jew to steal something from others.

        As to the upbringing problem – I believe that Nature conquers Nurture EVERY SINGLE TIME. While upbringing is a factor, it always remains the less important one.

        I don’t think that the White race has a monopoly on honor. All pure breeds, and even race-mixed populations to some extent can come up with examples of honorable behavior.

        Nevertheless allowing foreign influence and most of all indulging in multicultural nonsense has always been devastating to all civilizations around the globe. Not a single culture survived it. Interbreeding and “multiculturalism” obliterates cultures and makes room for FAR INFERIOR ones to be produced instead.

        The Jews are possibly the most interbred race there is. They remained largely inbred for centuries if not thousands of years now – but only AFTER they were spawned by massive interbreeding. That’s how their “culture” (or rather anti-culture) came to be. That is possibly why their way of thinking, moral values etc. are so different from ours (or in fact anyone else’s…). They are extremely destructive – a true definition of Uncreationists.

        Interbreeding is like not wearing a warm coat during winter. It allows for all sorts of afflictions to fall upon you, which would not normally happen. And the hyper-aggressive tribe of herders from the Middle East were around to exploit the foolishness of the ones that left their coats at home – something the Jews themselves did a long time ago. They’re a bit like Zombies in this context, you see ;) – infecting others with their evil chutzpah.

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