Effects of Mass Immigration II: Diversity and Equality

People duped into leftist attitudes tend to believe in the most illogical things.

For instance, many years ago when I was in junior high school, I was told by a leftist history teacher that there is no proof for us being different from other races.

He continued to explain that all our abilities and achievements which may seem like different from e.g. that of a Negro are only due to our privileged conditions of life – meaning that our civilization and culture, our universities, cultural institutions like libraries etc. make it easy for us to excel on the intellectual and artistic level, making us educated, intelligent and good mannered.

But – he elaborated – any person of any race could achieve all this if given the right conditions. Therefore it’s not race but the cultural conditions that make you what you are.

Even as a kid I thought it’s a pity a history teacher should say such utter nonsense. The argument he made trying to prove that “race is only a skin color” or “race is a social construct” if you will, was in fact quite a good example to prove that the opposite is true!

Because, you see, what he said is partially correct. The White race – the Europeans – created a sophisticated artistic and intellectual culture, enhanced institutionally and socially so as to elevate individuals and pass the knowledge and values of many a generation onto them to the extent rivaled perhaps only by certain Asiatic cultures like the Chinese, Hindu or Japanese – but very different in character and depth. The Africans never developed anything even remotely similar.

It’s obvious that this in itself is a difference – the fact that an elaborate process enabling all the intellectual, artistic and spiritual elements of our identity to be kept and augmented with time took place – and took place in a manner unseen anywhere else – is hard to consider as anything but exactly that which makes us different. This process took place not by some random accident, but because of our unique characteristics and needs – different from those of other races.

However I do need to stress that I agree with Hesiod and would be inclined to say that the creation of our civilizations as well as their development up to the current form was triggered by our slowly degrading abilities. What we could no longer do had to be replaced by technology. What we could no longer memorize had to be written down in books etc.

This slow degradation was caused by interbreeding. As I explained in this post, not a single advanced civilization on this planet survived when its founding population ceased to be ethnically pure. And these eradicated civilizations, crushed into non-existence by allowing for mass immigration and interbreeding to happen, were always replaced by a far lesser ones. The people who believe otherwise are only deceiving themselves. Even if it may be hard to swallow for those duped into multiculturalism and sameness of races, it doesn’t make it any less true. I encourage the disbelievers to do serious research instead of reading newspapers, watching TV and listening to politicians. Seek the truth yourself and make up your own mind, but based on solid knowledge and not on vile, degenerate propaganda of today. See what so-called “diversity” really means for your people. See who exactly advocates it.

A people that does not protect its racial purity will perish

– Julius Streicher

diversity in sweden

“Diversity” in Sweden – click to enlarge, I wonder if you’ll be able to find a single White person

The new Europe is dominated by an absolutely deranged concept – one which is virtually incomprehensible in its complete lack of logic and not far off the one which my history teacher cared to share with the class. That concept effectively makes everyone in a given White country equal – both the indigenous nation and the immigrants. Somebody please explain to me why should that be so.

You’re on your own land, everything around you was built by your kin. It took titanic workload, incomparable creativity, resources and time. Non-Europeans shouldn’t seek to settle in Europe in the first place, but even if for some good reason they do – they should behave like good mannered guests, treating our law and customs with utmost respect, avoiding even a hint of an offense. Instead, they run around like a bunch of lunatic zombie apes, stealing, murdering and raping at a whim. Primitive, violent and destructive, they do so without a shred of remorse – on the contrary, they are often proud of their conquests! Perhaps it so happened that you know some non-European that’s decent. That’s possible, of course, but you must remember that for each decent immigrant there are several less decent. You can never justify evil by saying there are exceptions.

Elin Krantz – a Swedish girl, convinced that “diversity is good”, that “diversity is a strenght” – attempted at such justifications.  She promoted multiculturalism in Sweden, only to be brutally raped and killed by a Negro immigrant. She was 27. Undoubtedly she knew some decent immigrants, too… Jenny Lemon is another such case – although she, after being beaten and gang-raped by no less than four African immigrants, stated that the tragic event had nothing to do with immigration and multiculturalism. Really?

Furthermore, non-European immigrants are usually granted equal access to the political process rather easily. This fact will make a lot more sense when you realize that they almost always vote for the leftist / socialist parties. Yes, because why wouldn’t they? After all they are aliens in a strange country, a country with history they either don’t know or couldn’t care less about. With customs and values so distant and irrelevant to them. What they do care about is more liberalism, more equal rights, more immigration and of course – social benefits. To the left, Negroes, to the left, Arabs, to the left, Mestizos, to the left, Jews. Thus of course they vote for the parties that made mass immigration possible and invited them over often for this very reason.

And so the primitive brute masses that couldn’t care less about what your country really is when it comes to tradition, history, art, values, customs and had no part in the glorious effort of its creation now get an equal share in deciding about its fate. If anything goes wrong, they’ll just relocate again, leaving you to deal with the mess. And it’s a neatly thought-through little circle. Once the leftists psychos managed to open the borders and make immigration law more liberal, they got themselves a never-ending supply of new voters – to add to the significant number of already duped, blind and ignorant Whites. So you see unless a decisive action is taken, this will never stop – they will rather see their own countries fall to ruin and their own kind blended out into non-existence than put an end to this, as it serves them well enough. That’s what equality really means. That’s what leftists and Red Sea pedestrian organizations like Paidea are advocating.

Some leftist psychos will have believe that we are all immigrants, and should not get hung up on this whole silly idea of motherland, Whiteness and heritage and just the fact that we occupied a piece of land for a short time before someone else got there doesn’t make it ours. That’s a vile lie with no basis in reality whatsoever. We’ve been here, in Europe, for hundreds of thousands of years and fought off invaders ever since. Don’t let yourself be deceived into believing otherwise.

Like I already stated in this post, and another one, non-European immigration and anti-family propaganda and policies of our governments are the two most important problems we face today. I couldn’t possibly stress this enough, it couldn’t possibly be exaggerated – these are the two great hands suffocating our race and it’s our first and foremost obligation to fight for the preservation of our people and our land, to act against this genocide of race and culture, this utterly evil rot perpetrated by the lying scum allowed to make decisions on our part. Blaming anyone for this won’t change anything. Doing the right thing will.

Spread the word and act now. Fight immigration, abortion and pharmaceutical contraception. Restore Europe!


4 thoughts on “Effects of Mass Immigration II: Diversity and Equality

  1. The more one tries to be different and superior the more one stays the same. One human race all coming out of Africa.

  2. Werwolf,

    Mass immigration and multicult insanity can serve our ends — namely to radicalize us and give us the emotional energy to be sufficiently motivated to organize ourselves into tight, cohesive tribes.

    It’s all about the motivation and the teachable moment.

    The liberals fancy that they are going to get some kind of multicultural utopia, adn whites will just have to grin and bear it. They are mistaken.

    First of all, anything worth building can’t be easy. The multicultural utopia is easy to build — it’s built on other peoples’ money, on taxes. Because no one worked hard for it, it is a house of cards. When the money is gone, the socialist-immigrant alliance will either break apart, or they will have to be outright brigands seizing what remaining wealth that remains amoing the middle class. Either way they lose.

    The multicultural utopians haven’t considered the possibility that they are creating radicalized whites. They dismiss us with a wave of the hand and a shutup word like “racist,” but that wave of the hand didn’t make us disappear off the planet. It just made us go off into a corner, enraged, to plot their eventual overthrow.

    The radicalized whites are showing up in statistics now:


    Read that, and take heart.

    • Mr. Freeman,

      First of all thank you for your comment. I know who you are and hold your work in high esteem. Actually, all our team is looking forward to your book, as the approach you presented on your blog is truly exemplary.

      I’ve read the Davidowitz article, but the statistics such as those are in desperate need of appropriate juxtaposition. For example while he does show the percentage of the forum members in each State, he leaves the legwork of comparing that to the percentage of non-White and Jewish population to the reader. Anyhow being active on a forum is of limited use, and I believe that the number of active pro-Whites is still laughable when compared with active anti-Whites.

      Let me elaborate: as you probably know, in a recent survey in France a majority of respondents (more than 70%) said that they expect their country to be taken over by Muslims. Good. It’s like you said – fear of multiculturalism and Muslim immigration going out of control is uniting them. But wait, is it? Over 70% – that’s an overwhelming number, right? That must be close to all ethnic French people in France! And yet it doesn’t seem like they’re organizing at all – on the contrary, it seems more like all their fear and willingness to act was spent on casting that one vote in this survey. Or a post on a forum. Or some other thing of no consequence at all…

      My point is – while I would never dismiss the importance of being well informed and aware, I believe that it’ll always remain the less important part of our obligations. My faith in our race has never wavered for a moment, though my hopes had, I confess, reached a low ebb. When I see more people taking action, constantly self-improving and actively fighting against the wrongs, I’ll be able to sleep without a care.

      For now though, I feel like that moment has not yet come to pass, and the reaction you described is still tiny when compared to the scale of the issues at hand. Slowly but surely, it’ll grow – of that I’m certain.

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