Ύβρις και Ἀστραῖα

I was born in my own blood and guts, afflicted by fetal gastroschisis – something which only 10-20% percent of newborn babies survived at the time.

The operation, which was carried out by an extremely skillful and talented German doctor from Bonn, turned out to be successful after the first try – something that happens extremely rarely even today. Only afterwards it turned out I had caught some kind of an infection – which was a complication serious enough for the doctor to tell my parents that realistically they should not expect me to live.

Ύβρις-και-ἈστραῖαThey never gave up hope. And sure enough, after no less than 2 weeks of our struggle, I conquered all signs of my previous afflictions and emerged totally healthy. My parents were overjoyed. And so overjoyed was the German doctor that he carried me in his arms with tears in his eyes repeating only one word: Wunderkind! Wunderkind! Wunderkind! He told my mother that he, a highly experienced doctor, considers my survival to be a miracle.

Sometimes I ponder on how all this must have shaped who I am today. How well it explains my inherent stubbornness or the fact that I would rather fight the hardest battle than just surrender. Perhaps it also inspired my need for sincerity. Or maybe all this doesn’t have anything to do with the events that took place right after my birth. Who is to say.

What I also always tried to do is to be consistent. Inconsistency among Europeans today is just too evident.

Some of them recognize the role of Jews in the destruction of our civilization. But they still worship a Jew-made god, practice a Jew-made religion and often read the same Old Testament which says that Jews are the Chosen People. No amount of historical divagations and panicked responses like “but Jews don’t like Christianity or Islam!” can counter the fact that Christianity, Islam and Judaism all have the same Jewish roots. It’s time for all of you to wake up and acknowledge this fact.

Christianity can be understood only in terms of the soil out of which it grew — it is not a counter-movement to the Jewish instinct, it is its very consequence. Even today the Christian can feel anti-Jewish without realizing that he himself is the ultimate Jewish consequence.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Others claim that they understand that USA is the single biggest source of cultural and social degeneracy in the world today. But again, they pick and choose and some products, some ideas, some movies, some music, some art just happens to magically become an exception – very conveniently for the person concerned. Sadly, it would be the same if they said that one sort of candy is quite healthy just because they happen to like it. It’s bullshit and they’re deceiving themselves.

jazzFurthermore, how come some people see the need to cherish our own tradition, heritage and art and see the negative Jewish role in the entertainment industry and arts and even oppose what the mass colored immigration is doing to our culture, but e.g. still listen to Jazz, enjoy pop art and watch Hollywood films? How can they be so inconsistent, capricious or just blind for their own rich artistic history and the meaning of it?

Last but not least – some will say that our race is or used to be the dominant one. And if not so, at least we did use to be healthy, beautiful, strong, intelligent and truly honorable folk of highly sophisticated culture. I care to agree with that. But some people seem to treat that as a guarantee of their own brilliant traits. They rejoice at finding such information and continue to do nothing to improve themselves. They live an unhealthy lifestyle, eating junk food, not exercising much. They rarely nourish their minds, too – preferring to spend their time browsing Facebook or on some other worthless activity than on reading a good book or learning a new skill. Do they really think that just by knowing about their accomplished and noble ancestors they’re going to be like them? Again, they’re deceiving themselves.

Behold what manner of race the fathers of the Golden Age left behind them! Far meaner than themselves! but you will breed a viler progeny! Verily wars and cruel bloodshed shall be unto men and grievous woe shall be laid upon them.

– Aratus, Phaenomena

Hybris (ὕβρις), or simply pride and self-confidence, is of course necessary to counter the sick apologetism and defeatism, the HIV/AIDS of the mind and soul, the inner genocide of the European man we can observe today. And counter it we shall. Then and only then can we dream of falling into the loving arms of Goddess Astraea (Ἀστραῖα) or Lady Justice, as she was sometimes referred to and achieving some of the good things we’re capable of. But it always has to go hand in hand with you knowing your limits but striving to constantly stretch those limits at the same time.

You can’t just pick and choose these things. And you’ll be far better off watching documentaries on wildlife, listening to classical and folk music and reading valuable books than engaging with the rotten to the core degenerate American culture of today, and the European culture so strongly influenced by it. You’ll also be far better off rejecting all Abrahamic religions and embracing your own Pagan ancestral religion. And certainly you shall find fulfillment in learning new skills, developing the best of your traits and generally self-improving for your benefit and the benefit of those closest to you instead of wasting your time on other things.



5 thoughts on “Ύβρις και Ἀστραῖα

  1. “the fact that Christianity, Islam and Judaism all have the same Jewish roots. ”

    Care to substantiate this line because not only is it completely inaccurate, I can prove to the contrary.

    It’s truly amazing how Jews are always attempting to destroy paganism. Truly amazing.

    • You’re free to state your opinion.

      I won’t elaborate on the matter without you saying which part of that fact you don’t understand or which part is hard for you to accept.

      Even when you do my answer may be concise at best, as I’ve decided long ago to not give much space to Antichristian talk – sadly, as far as I am from glorifying this diseased religion, it seems to be that e.g. the Catholic Church is the last surviving institution to hold the remnants of some good European traits – like putting your family first, being self-sacrificial and self-denying etc.

  2. Interesting article but totally disagree on the statement that christianity has jewish roots in the sense of what we think when we use the word jew nowadays. If you understood that civilisation took off around 5 500 years ago, you would know this ties up perfectly with the creation of ‘adam’. We had pre-adamite negroids and mongoloids long before that, so although we had ‘man’ we never had civilisation – sophisticated culture and all its embodiments. ‘adam’ means to flush the face red with blood. Now which race can be seen to blush – there is obviously only one such race group, namely caucasians. ‘adamite man’ was created in the image of YHWH to uplift the world, as we have been endowed with higher spiritual capacity, which leads to our creative genius. The Bible is a totally caucasian book. If you go and research ‘khazar jews’ you will learn that mongol/turk/ tartar people who lived in the caucasous mountains – an empire called ‘Khazaria’ had a mass conversion to corrupted biblical beliefs.

    They combined the bible with the Talmud – a totally jewish book and nothing to do with the bible. This is why if you ask a jew today – are you ashkenazi or sephardic – he will tell you ashkenazi as 95% of jews today are ashkenazi or khazar due to the mass conversion in the 9th century by the khazar king Kabul. This is the greatest hoax ever, a people who have no link to Abraham,Isaac or Jacob genetically speaking are nothing more than religious imposters – converts. The Bible is a book about race, namely the Israelite or caucasian race. The modern descendants of which are the anglo-saxon, teutonic and scandinavian peoples – or caucasian peoples.

    I accept your rejection of modern day christianity – which follows Paul instead of Yeshu, Islam which has the Koran and Judaism which follows the Talmud. The pure belief system of the caucasian race is embodied in the original writings contained in the Tanakh or ‘Old Testament’. The deception created by the jews is so great – they have ursurped our position as the true chosen people. Once you have researched who the jews really are and the deception, you will know your identity as an Israelite and know your purpose in life as well as your enemy.

    Research : Khazar jews, israelite identity and anglo-saxons.

    Keep up the articles on awakening the white race.

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