Whites’ Health

The last hundred years brought about an immense change in our life, our environment and how it affects our health. Simply put, we’re becoming the definition of subhuman – all because of the conveniences of modern life.

Yes, your hormones are all fucked up. If you’re a guy, you have about half of the testosterone your great grandpa used to have, but instead of being infertile, you’re just a crying pussy. If you’re a gal, it’d take another post to merely summarize what’s wrong with you.

Did you ever wonder how come Hans-Ulrich Rudel or Otto Skorzeny were capable of all the impossible stuff they did? (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Start here and here). Well, guess what – they had about twice your testosterone, if not more. And that’s the main difference – in fact, that’s the only difference you should be concerned about right now (sorry girls – of course you don’t have to pump your test, the other half should… you, on the other hand, should stop murdering your babies – that’d be a great start).

You might be sitting there wondering why on Earth are we posting freaking shampoo recipes on this blog. The reason is painfully simple: it’s all a part of a single concept – and that’s making us, Europeans, better and thus qualified to survive and thrive in an increasingly hostile world. Everything published here on Operation Werwolf is concerned with this single concept – whether it’s health or survival tips, essays on paganism, nationalism, articles on our European history or some recent events commentary – it’s all a part of it and it’s all connected with the ways of our ancestors. It takes only so little to realize it.


Since you’re reading this, chances are you’re already racially conscious, you recognize that there’s a Jewish Question, you are able to observe that mass non-European immigration is a major problem etc. But are you making some sort of use of your magnificent genetics? Or perhaps you just wear them like a badge of honor?

White people, or people of European ancestry, make up for only about 10% of mankind. Most of this 10% lives a life so unhealthy and so devoid of dignity that it’s extremely hard to see a bright future for all these folks. But you know what? It doesn’t even matter anymore.

There was once an artist-turned-leader who tried to save all of us. And let me tell you – if he didn’t pull it off, I seriously doubt anyone else can. Accept the fact that only a small fraction of the White population will survive. So what matters now is you. Yes, you and your closest circle, your family, your loved ones. Instead of stuffing your face with fast food and washing it down with some soda out of a plastic bottle you should start thinking about that. Now is the time for you to save yourself.

How to get started? Well, aside from reading the posts on Operation Werwolf – which is very good for your health regime – if you’re female, quit taking the pill. If you’re male, you could eat more fats. Yup. If you choose them right (avoid processed food) they won’t make you fat. As long as you exercise at least a little, they’ll boost your testosterone production like you wouldn’t believe.

See? That was so easy. And such a simple medical / dietary tip is far more White Nationalist than anything I’ve read on the web lately.



17 thoughts on “Whites’ Health

  1. Why do JEWS™ hate the ‘white nations’? It is obvious that we are in opposition to the ‘JEWS’ programs, from the FED. to Hollywood, and the ILLUMINATI to their anti-Christ Multicultural New World Order, but that resistance is found in all that love freedom and liberty. And the fact that those programs have been specifically implemented in the western nations, (and all others have been subverted, and turned over to Communism) WHY do they seek to destroy our RACE?

  2. I have found that absolutely every question about health can be analyzed and answered within the framework of German New medicine.
    It also challenges and expose the fraud that is textbook infection medicine and explain health issues causally instead of symptomatic through assumption.
    Laws of nature are truly magnificent!

  3. I think all this low fat crap is also a projection of the inferior races problems. The Nordic Race does not get obese so all this trying to eat less crap is for the mongrels.

    The best diet is a farm diet. All the animals and all the produce from the farm make up the most ‘balanced diet’.

    • I absolutely agree.

      I could observe it on myself – no matter how high-fat my diet would get, I’d never get fat myself – it would only mean that I gain muscle weight easier and feel better in general.

      And certainly, running a small-scale self-sufficient farm solves most if not all of your potential nutritional problems. Although for those that don’t have that option, again: eat more fat (and exercise, work hard, sleep well etc.) and obviously start saving up for your farm – living in urban or suburban areas is as far from healthy as one could possibly get.

  4. There is a link between fat intake and testosterone levels that should not be ignored. A low fat diet does not raise testosterone but a low carb, high fat diet can benefit this connection. A 1996 study by Dorgan et al. reported in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition compared one group on a high fat, low fiber diet with another on a low fat, high fiber diet. Participants in the high fat group had testosterone levels that were 13 percent higher on average. A correlation between dietary fat and testosterone has also been noted in vegetarians, who have statistically significant lower levels of testosterone than individuals who consume meat. These results of a 1985 study by Howie and Shultz were also published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. To take advantage of this principle, consume copious amounts of meat including beef, lamb, veal, steak, pork, venison, bison, elk and buffalo. At least 30 percent of your daily calories must come from a variety of fat sources—mono and polyunsaturates, along with saturated fats—to optimize testosterone. Quality mono and polyunsaturated fat sources include olive and fish oils. If you wish to consume products that aren’t processed (and oils obviously are) I recommend consuming nuts of all kinds, except peanuts (which are, in fact, legumes, not nuts).

    • Excellent elaboration on the subject.

      I believe that the 1996 study repeated today would result in a much higher score than just a 13% difference. In fact, one guy who calls himself Brett just recently experimented on himself – he started eating loads of fats and exercising more. After 3 months his testosterone DOUBLED, while his cholesterol remained almost unchanged – even though he ate eggs and bacon every day.

      Also, avoiding stress (which, ironically, is easier to do if you already have high levels of testosterone) and having a lot of sex (which, again, only naturally happens if you already have a lot of test…) can help, too.

      • Also, it is imperative that women also realise that eating fat is essential. While low fat diets do not lead to any disorders in women who lead a sedentary lifestyle, for those who are active this can become a big problem.

        Due to high energy expenditure in female athletes and generally active women fat intake of MINIMUM 1g per kg of body mass is essenstial. And that’s truly minimal. Anything less can lead to menstrual problems like skipping cycles and, in the long run, lessening fertility.

        Our body tends to shut down functions it deems unnecesary for survival when it does not get enough energy daily, in order to conserve it, so we must not be afraid of eating more, if we are moving (like we all should) throughout the day.

      • Again, brilliant elaboration.

        I agree 100% percent and of course some of the stuff I say to men goes to women as well and vice versa. E.g. if your fuck-buddy / girlfriend / wife is on the pill you should do your best to convince her to stop it instead of encouraging it (“no condom! yeah!”).

        It’s great to see that you have such knowledge on health and nutrition – you should definitely share it with a wider audience.

  5. I see it every day and it saddens me. I’m 28 and it’s only in the past few years that I’ve truly ‘woken’ up. It’s difficult when there is so goddamn much black propaganda and misinformation out there. The good news is that I have been living the message you send for quite some time now. I try to be an example to the rest of the bone heads out there. My wife and I got together at 18, had our first child at 22, and now she is pregnant again, and we couldn’t be happier. We don’t have cable TV and we download anything we want to watch. We only let our daughter watch cartoons from the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. We don’t eat fast food and mainly consume fruits, nuts, veggies, and meat; with some carbs here and there. I always maintain a high regard for my name, my family, my race, and my nation but this has left me isolated. I have no friends because no one I knew from my school days seems to give a shit about their heritage. And that saddens me. Not because there’s any ‘skin [being taken] off my back’, but because I feel pity for an individual who cares not where he/she came from, and cares not where he/she will go. I’m too busy working, fighting, for my family to spend the day socializing.

    I cannot fucking believe my former friends and the good little goy’s they turned out to be. This one kid who I knew for almost half my life, to this day defends fast food when I call it garbage. He defends other races when I talk about race-mixing. He actually has the gall to defend disgusting, degenerate pornography. Needless to say I don’t really talk to him anymore, he was a good friend from back in the day but I cannot, in good conscious, associate with people like that.

    No matter what we cannot give up, ever. We must stay strong, future generations depend on us. We must never forget how our ancestors fought and sacrificed to get us here today. I, for one, am proud and honored to be descended from such great people.

    • You, and people like yourself, are the pride of True Europeans and their descendants everywhere. Believe me, it’s true.

      There’s more Whites who actually think the same way – or would had they access to relevant information – that the Zio-media would have you believe. They really want you to feel alienated. They think living in large societal groups is essential to us. It really isn’t – our ancestors used to spend most of their time within their families anyway, only interacting with their tribe when necessary. That’s why the crowded cities of today feel so awkward to most healthy people.

      Nevertheless, don’t give up on your race. Like I said in the article – you and your beautiful family have to be the apple of your eye, but the rest can wake up one day, too – just like yourself.

      Stay strong and proud, draw inspiration from the ways of your ancestors – I know you’ll find fulfillment in this simple and natural task. You probably already did.

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