On Werwolf Trail

I have seen tempests, when the scolding winds have riv’d the knotty oaks; and I have seen th’ ambitious ocean swell and rage and foam, to be exalted with the threatening clouds: but never till to-night, never till now, did I go through a tempest dropping fire.

Why, saw you any thing more wonderful?

– William Shakespeare











9 thoughts on “On Werwolf Trail

  1. Towering seas, testing the steel of the ship, green water pounding down on the ship, heavy weight till the ship was almost underwater…. decking bent in, steel rails, rigging torn as if a knife cut the steel. Howling winds,…Indian Ocean 1942, another un-named typhoon. The ship and crew were chewed. The sailor, a Norseman, remembered.

      • I wrote this for my father who just passed. I mentioned the year because he, unlike many of his shipmates survived that fratricidal war. He sailed on floating bombs, known as oil tankers, for six and a half years on all seas except the polar seas, and around the globe twice. He saw the futility of war and only talked to me about the War, when he was very old. He suffered from what he saw and experienced. He was a remarkable man and a true sailor.

      • I couldn’t possibly express how deeply honored I am by your decision to share it with us.

        May your father be remembered forever through his kin – if they’re anything like yourself, he certainly will be.

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