Kill a Baby in 5 Minutes for €200

You can pick any website offering information on abortion options and procedures and learn that all you need to kill an unborn baby is around €200. The procedure itself can take as little as 5 minutes.

This is what planned parenthood is.

On the official website of Planned Parenthood you get a nice video that offers all the info you need on the matter:

By the time you watched it, you’d have been done with “emptying your uterus”.

Do I really need to tell you that planned parenthood, feminism and “female emancipation” are basically the same things? And they were not picked up by Jews – but invented by them. Ironically some women do actually believe that the most patriarchal culture on the planet wishes to “emancipate” any of them.

Take another 5 minutes of your time to look at the horrifying numbers.

Of course, you can always just read the info on Planned Parenthood website instead:

Abortions are very common. In fact, 3 out of 10 women in the U.S. have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old.

[Abortion] costs about $300 (~€200) in the first trimester.

Millions of women face unplanned pregnancies every year. If you are deciding what to do about an unplanned pregnancy, you have a lot to think about. You have three options — abortion, adoption, and parenting.

Please note that the most positively charged words appear at the beginning of a sequence, while the most negatively charged words appear at the end of a sequence. This is the simplest neuro-linguistic programming there is:

YES (abortion, MAYBE (adoption), NO (parenting).

Feel free to check – and their whole website is built like that.

What most people don’t ever seem to fully realize is just how very weak and prone to manipulation their minds really are. They’ll claim something different, but they’re just deceiving themselves. A single commercial can change some of their views. A popular TV show can change their whole personality completely for a prolonged period of time. Intentional and precise choice of words and sentences can tip the scale when deciding on whether or not to kill an unborn baby – just because you either slept with the wrong guy, or you still have so much to do and the little turd would get in your way, you decide to commit murder on a immaculately innocent being.

I’d like to see all the murdering would-be-mothers to first give birth and only then murder their child with their own hands.

They get it way too easy with modern medicine and NLP. They’re just following a simple procedure to empty their uterus of tissue. That’s all it is, right? Some tissue that needs to be removed for €200 during a 5 minute procedure.

Would you, you poor sick would-be-mother, still do it if it wasn’t surrounded by nicely put phrases and legal medical procedures and drugs that numb you to an extent when you need another person to accompany you for your own safety?

Would you kill a newborn? If not – why? The baby would be considerably bigger – but it’s the same baby still. Or perhaps do you believe in some magical ascent of the soul at some point of pregnancy? Or even after giving birth?

The only Hocus Pocus happens when your sexual partner inseminates you.

If you chose him or the moment wrong, you’re still responsible for the life that was brought through this union.



5 thoughts on “Kill a Baby in 5 Minutes for €200

  1. Modernity is nothing more than a Death Cult. It’s crucial to spread such messages to as many as possible. Some of them are good people, manipulated by less honorable ones.

  2. What a culture we have today, controlled by neurotics and its’ bottom line, money.
    The whole scam that Planned Parenthood sold to women and others that promote this culture we have today will be seen for what it was and is, innocent life violently ended.

    Thanks for this article.

    • You’re absolutely right. What the mass media rarely mentions is the fact that the anti-life planned parenthood feminist activism draws much less people than the numerous pro-life anti-abortion groups. They get much less media coverage though, so many believe otherwise.

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