Bear Method

Exercise, work-out or generally work hard in order to always keep yourself in great shape – healthy, vigorous and prepared.

It’s something we stress here on Operation Werwolf. We’re not really concerned with jogging or pumping iron just for the sake of it, but rather with an overall well-being and readiness combined with the necessary know-how.

That’s also what BEAR METHOD is concerned with, a website which we’d like to whole-heartily recommend to all of you. The proprietor of BEAR METHOD recently wrote this brilliant article for us and was active here as a commenter before that, adding valuable insight to our posts.

On his website you’ll be able to find trustworthy information regarding nutrition, training, healthy lifestyle and other things of relevance. Check up on it on a regular basis or go ahead and subscribe not to miss on his new posts.

Because how can we seek the betterment of the indigenous European people – of our race – without the betterment of our minds, souls and bodies?



3 thoughts on “Bear Method

  1. Leslie Sanson stated on one of her workouts that if you workout at 40, you look 30, I agree. She also stated that being out of shape is painful and expensive, I concur as well.

    I’ve always been physically active, but I’ve now got the aches, pain, former injuries to prove it. The gym is too much for me and working out at home is much easier. If you’re disciplined, you don’t need a gym.

    You Tube has lots of workout videos. If you have an android device, there is an app called Videoder (I use it daily) where you can share the YT video to your device and watch it later, offline.

    • That’s quite right. I’m very far from saying that the gym is the only – or even the best solution, as it surely isn’t.

      I see working out and staying in shape as rather broad terms and e.g working hard physically on your homestead or spending hours outdoors backpacking or hiking can be just the thing you need.

      Conveniences of modern life made it possible for many to exclude any physical strain from their lives – and that’s the real problem here.

    • Absolutely, there are many form of physical activity that can keep you healthy and in shape. Although I believe that our bodies need increasing resistances in order to progress, there are many ways to achieve that, putting more plates on a bar is just one of those options.

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