The Coming of ZOG-made Sex Jugend and Legal Pedophilia

“The promoting of sexual health” of children and teaching them to “deal with all aspects of sexuality” are some of the terms used in Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe, a document branded by the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the Federal Centre for Health Education in Cologne.

Supporters of this revolutionary idea for “New Sexuality Education” want not only to force children into participating in their sex lessons, they’d also like to see some more homework done after school – all of which you can learn from their publication linked to above.

Will studying for the final exams include learning the addresses of abortion clinics and the names of contraceptive pills available on the market?

Why would your children be assessed by teachers based on their knowledge of sex? Why would they have to learn about “every aspect of sexuality”, preferably without your full knowledge of the process?


It’s not a coincidence that a German institution took part in the creation of Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe. Right now, as you’re reading this, preschoolers in selected German kindergartens are encouraged to look at and touch each others genitalia – as a part of a process of familiarization. Germany was also a part sponsor of a machine bought for the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw that allows children to learn about different erogenous zones in male and female body.

It’s worth noting that aside from WHO and the Federal Centre for Health Education in Cologne, the employees of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) were also vital in preparing the so-called standards for sexuality education. The IPPF is a network of prominent anti-life organizations distributing contraceptives globally and lobbying for more anti-life laws in different countries throughout the Western world. No wonder they are greatly interested in this New Sexuality Education being enforced on your children.

And enforced it will be. In many countries in Europe, home-schooling is still forbidden by law. It means that if you choose not to send your daughter or your son to one of these sex lessons, the state will sue you and incarcerate you as a punishment. The state owns the rights to fill your children’s heads with whatever degenerate, sick and depraved content they see fit.

One of the IPPF people stated recently that she is not going to fight pornography. She’s also on the sexuality education team, and pushing for it to be introduced not only in all public schools, but also in kindergartens.


To some of you all this will come as a rather unbelievable revelation. But similar projects and efforts by different influential groups were carried out decades before this one right under your nose – and with great success. They all dramatically altered the sexual behavior of adolescents in our societies. Something which has been partially covered up in a similar manner as the all too sudden homosexual boom. Of course, all these people came out of the closet because now they don’t feel so repressed by our superstitious and intolerant societies. Of course, all these male and female teenage sluts with mommy and daddy issues were always there, just that our ultra-conservative and anti-freedom societies never allowed them to fully satisfy their natural needs and urges…

There’s one culture, or rather anti-culture, which can be thanked for all these drastic changes. One for which, by divine law, demoralization of even the youngest children, sodomy and pedophilia, is permitted. The Jews.

One of Judaism’s very greatest rabbis and a creator of Kabbalah, Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai, sanctioned pedophilia. He proclaimed, “A proselyte who is under the age of three years and a day is permitted to marry a priest.” (Yebamoth 60b, p. 402.)

Don’t deceive yourself and think that he only meant a formal marriage without any ensuing sexual activity. One only has to look at today’s Orthodox Jews to understand this – as much as 50% of their elders are involved in deviant molestation of under-age boys and girls. They consider it normal and it hardly ever gets reported. Some communities even consider such acts rites of passage – and hence something that every young boy and girl must go through.

References to pedophilia abound in the Talmud. They occupy considerable sections of Treatises Kethuboth and Yebamoth and are enthusiastically endorsed by the Talmud’s definitive legal work, Treatise Sanhedrin. Naturally you won’t hear about it all that often, as the very same scriptures explicitly forbid a Jew to inform on another Jew, even when the most ghastly crimes are being committed.

If you, however, still fail to see the connection between Sex Ed, Jews and pedophilia, then you should read more about deranged sodomites like Professor Ben Levin, former Jewish Deputy Minister of Education of Ontario, who designed the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (EIES) and was later on charged with making and distributing child porn.


According to the EIES curriculum, 6-year-olds were to be taught “gender identity” in grade 1, sex orientation and different genders in grade 3, masturbation in grade 6, and oral and anal sex by grade 7.

In a letter, dated April 6, 2009, Ben Levin stated:

Today, the ministry released its new equity and inclusive education strategy paper, realizing the Promise of Diversity… This province-wide strategy has been a priority for our Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne and me.

Kathleen Wynne and himself have been frequents at Canada’s gay parades, in order, of course, to learn and then teach about “all aspects of sexuality”!

Professor Ben Levin, recipient of the Medal for Service to Public Administration and the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award and many other distinctions, has now been charged with two counts of distributing child pornography, one count each of making child pornography, counseling to commit an indictable offense, and agreeing to or arranging for an indictable offense against a child under 16 years of age.

He is one of many examples of the Jewish pedophiles using liberal and progressive groups as fronts. It helps them not only to send our once moral societies into a downward spiral of decay and disintegration, but also to sexualize children who then become prey all the more easily.

This was Europe once.

This was Europe once.

And they do. With our ZOG-led nations conveniently looking the other way. After all, everyone, no matter how young or how old, is free to do whatever he or she wants to do. Right..?

Well, one thing we need to accept is that our minds are very easily manipulated. But never more so than when we’re children. And so the children actually get ahead of the depraved Jewish teachers, lawmakers, lobbyists and businessmen and play the role that they think they’re supposed to play. The featured picture that you can see at the top of this post was taken from a blog of a 16-year-old girl. There are myriads of those to be found, and many of them prove to be quite real.

This is Europe today. The girl in the photo is 14.

This is Europe today. The girl in the photo is 14.

If you are actually willing to look at such a blog for more than a few seconds, the thing you’ll notice is the amount of quotes and images coming straight from the beloved mainstream pop culture – Hollywood movies, songs topping the charts, literotica (which is the most popular book category on amazon right now) – it’s all there and, really, along with the re-blogs makes up the whole of the “teen nymphets” blog and ones similar to hers. If you ever again wonder how huge an influence the pop culture is, then here’s your answer. It can literally transform the lives almost universally. And always for the worse. Just look at how easily influenced the children are. Just look – would you want this for your children? And perhaps more importantly – would they really want this for themselves, were they not manipulated into the world not meant for their young and still developing minds?

And hence what you get is not (yet) strictly speaking legal pedophilia, but still the deviant act is possible within the boundaries of a society, without any repercussion whatsoever. Now, either through pop culture brainwashing – like in “teen nymphets” case, or through addition of a foreign element – like in the case of Orthodox Jewish societies, and through Sex Ed in so many others. In the future, through new laws and more aggressive sexuality education programs. All of it leading to the final dissolution of our once noble societies and the coming of Sex Jugend – the willing sex toys of their elders – and, indeed, legal pedophilia straight from the pages of Talmud.

To destroy the family, the innocence, the childhood, to poison the minds of all. This is Global Sexual Revolution. The Liquidation of Freedom in the Name of Freedom.

I urge you not to be indifferent to this horrible societal disaster. A disaster that has penetrated our nations and our families, that has crawled into our homes under our not-so-watchful eyes. We cower as other tell us we should not impose anything on our children and so the state, the authors of Sex Ed, the pedophiles, the pharmaceutical companies, the abortion clinics and their owners are the only ones that can do the imposing. We pretend to be blind, deaf and mute.

Be reasonable, set clear boundaries – not only for yourself and your family, but for others as well, for the well-being of your entire kin. Don’t let individuals and institutions that wish you and your family no good govern your life. Share this post or any other relevant information with your family and friends – with everyone you know. They deserve to know. They deserve a chance to act. Things have to change, before we succumb to even more degenerate deviancy, sodomy and decay.

Let Europe revive, now!


18 thoughts on “The Coming of ZOG-made Sex Jugend and Legal Pedophilia

  1. I’ve previously posted this at Palidan’s, Sabotuer365 site, but it has not yet cleared moderation. It fits precisely with this discussion, too.
    Sexual Bolshevism and Faces of Porn and other Perversions
    A very insightful category is described within the tract from which the following is taken [Linked below].

    “Sexual Bolshevism” is a helpful category in describing attacks mounted against White European and Christian interests, and to explain damaging intentional subversions conducted against sane and rational societies by a perverse few. The White countries and people are the ones under greatest attack, and most of the attacks are directed by jews who are white-skinned, but who consider the White race to be the enemy most likely to disrupt jewish plans for taking power world-wide.

    “Sexual Bolshevism” [coined in 1920’s Germany by Ludwig Hoppe, a Lutheran pastor from Berlin] encompasses a pattern of degenerate sexual behaviour in a few human beings. The category includes homosexualism, pedophilia, miscegenation, transsexualism and bestiality. Cultural norms of human society the world-over, have developed an evolutionary rejection of these social ills as a means of survival. Along with third-world miscegenation and abortion, homosexuality is a primary peversion promoted in society, under the guise of “tolerance”, “equality” and “diversity” as part of a rival Jewish supremacist stategy to attack ethnic European demographics.

    Particularly after the failure of state-communism and working-class ethnic Europeans largely rejecting the attempt by the Judeo-Bolsheviks to enslave and destroy gentile society, radical Jewish supremacists began to mould Sexual Bolsheviks into a new proletariat.”

    Among other information available at the link are these facts:
    “The term “homosexuality” was coined as late as 1869, by Karl-Maria Kertbeny”.

    “While the term “sexual Bolshevism” became popular in the 1920s, the political manipulation of aberrosexual behaviour pre-dates this by some time and grew primarily out of freemasonic and Jewish decadence in liberal capitalist urban centres in late 19th century Europe.”

    “The vast majority of the early sexologists were Jews by race, including Albert Eulenburg,✡ Magnus Hirschfeld,✡ Friedrich Salomon Kraus,✡ Arthur Kronfeld✡ and Albert Moll.✡ Some of these Jews founded the Institute for Sexology in 1919; their leader Hirschfeld had been promoting the legalisation of homosexuality since 1897 through his so-called Scientific-Humanitarian Committee.”

    “The agendas they promoted included contraception, “sex education”, homosexuality, transsexualism (a word coined by Hirschfeld) and radical feminism. The purpose was to create artifical cultural fragmentations in gentile society.”
    —————————-Continues at the link——————————-

    • I appreciate that. And yes, the situation out there seems pretty dreadful – this and Obama’s “amnesty”, among myriads of other existing issues, means you surely have enough on your mind. It’s like the proprietor of Murder by Media have said once: White folks are running out of places to move to (those who can still afford it)…

  2. Are you kidding me? No really? Huh? So this is to be normalized among the population? I mean surely not every person can be a hooker, pimp and otherwise degenerate and still maintain a functioning society … Right? This is like Brave New World … if you read it carefully you will notice they were libertines that engaged in what can only be called ‘ghetto’ relationships: 1000 people all freely ‘dating’ each other. Also you will notice that like in the book they are starting young, and will also have a ‘mental health’ angle that will make those that dissent for ANY reason insane, Comrade Soviet Sir if you please! Men … where are the fucking men? Have they all lost their units or are they really that scared of the Country Club Jails in Europe? Since they don’t try this that openly in the USA, whole school districts have shown up to protest. For now they are in check; but waiting in the shadows and following in the ‘liberation’ of gay marriage like stink on bloody baby feces.

    • I’m afraid it is. And as for the prison part – no matter how light you think it got here, you’ll still have a much harder time mating with a satisfying partner while incarcerated. Perhaps that’s why some prefer to avoid it?

  3. Every single day crushes me harder as I’m a witness to this downfall. The fact that it’s so deliberate only makes it worse.

    Perhaps it’s still not to late to change things for the better.

    Thank you for getting this message out. It’s of the greatest importance.

    Let us heal Europe.

  4. Fantastic post but nevertheless a sad reflection of things nowadays. Keep up the great work and let the resistance move forward one step at a time. Slowly but surely people will start waking up as it gets worse, an unfortunate paradox. Have a great day, from Jarrod down here in South Africa.

    • Thank you, your words are much appreciated.

      I think the correlation you noticed is there – a bit catastrophically, though, one must wonder what will happen earlier – the awakening of the people or their final obliteration as a society based on certain values.

      It’s true that the deterioration we can observe radicalizes some, but such groups are considerably small and often fail to pass their healthy world-view on to the next generation. And I believe that this is the very thing we must focus on right now.

      You too have a good one Jarrod.

  5. It is all just so sick. Little by little things get worn down, to be considered “normal”, like faggotry nowadays.

    • Precedents get set, then elaborated on, then re-set as a higher precedent, and so on. The slippery slope is real, alive and very active.

      • True. That’s exactly why it’s so important not to compromise. If you do, you’re just going to keep doing it until your adversary’s goal is realized and your own destroyed and forgotten.

        It’s of paramount importance that people know these things and are able to act upon that knowledge. It’s the only thing that can eventually set them free.

  6. I am a younger genereration, but still have seen what followed in my wake. Year after year it seems that the later we are born, the more depraved we are made to be. I sometimes hear of “parties” of 14-16 year olds that boil down to orgies. I am honestly afraid of what the future can hold for the ones to follow. Where does the insanity end?

    In todays world peers are bullying each other for being virgins… at the age of 12. This needs to be fixed and fixed now. We need to right the wrongs done to so many.

    • Well said. I absolutely agree – this has gotten out of hand some time ago and still no-one seems to be doing anything about it. All because of a total misconception of what free will is and, sadly, because of parents retreating and giving way for pop culture, public schools and other things to do the parenting.

      Naturally, the fault is not fully theirs, as 100 years ago you could leave your kids be and they wouldn’t necessarily go to a party to do drugs and fuck with everyone there…

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