Holodomor Remembrance Day

Today, 22 November 2014, marks the Holodomor Remembrance Day and the 81st anniversary of the Holodomor. Since 2006 it takes place every year on the fourth Saturday of November. A minute of silence should be observed at 4:00 PM Eastern European Time (UTC +2:00). If this would be hard for you because of your time […]

Sangre Azul: The Reconquista and the Aristocrat’s Blood

The Spanish nobility started taking shape during the Reconquista, the great and important undertaking that began in the 8th century that unified Europe torn by Moor invasions. The Spaniards fought valiantly for over seven centuries to reconquer what was once their homeland. And just as it is today – back then the issue of race […]

Vagina Gentium II: Predestination

Every rebellion and counter-movement promises something new. Promises that you’ll have your say like never before. Therefore inevitably, it attracts most of all those who feel like they don’t have much to say in the first place. And so they must change the society, mold it to their liking until they are satisfied. Who they […]

A Very Concise History of Upper Silesia

Upper Silesia (Upper Silesian: Gůrny Ślůnsk, German: Oberschlesien, Latin: Silesia Superior) – before the name existed, the land itself was inhabited by Neolithic European people, then by Celts and later by Germanic and Slavic tribes. They intermingled peacefully and could set a great example for modern Europeans, who so often choose to fight each other instead […]

Vagina Gentium

The Ancient Romans referred to the northern and central Europe (Teutonic regions) as vagina gentium – the womb of (White) nations. And yes, the Out of Africa fraud was not very popular at the time, and they correctly identified those regions as the homeland of the European people, after the Caucasus ceased to be one […]

The True European Values

Prussian virtues were once upon a time an integral part of German as well as European culture. They were inspired by the brilliant soldier-king Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia and his son – unrivaled commander, successful administrator, author of books on military strategy, tactics, mobility, logistics, politics and history, patron of Arts, passionate musician and […]