The Coming of ZOG-made Sex Jugend and Legal Pedophilia

“The promoting of sexual health” of children and teaching them to “deal with all aspects of sexuality” are some of the terms used in Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe, a document branded by the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the Federal Centre for Health Education in Cologne. Supporters of this revolutionary idea for […]

Listen to Jews

I want you to pay close attention to what the Jews, often those in positions of power and authority, say about themselves and their own genocidal agenda. You may hear me say that they are conspiring, thieving, terrorizing, torturing, raping, murdering sociopaths and ethnic fanatics that hold the non-Jewish life in absolute disregard. But don’t […]

Salomon Morel: Jew’s Life After Holocaust

Salomon Morel was a “Holocaust survivor” and a Jewish murderer and thief, responsible for genocide of the Upper Silesian and German people under the Communist (i.e. Jewish Bolshevik) regime. The story of this creature is nothing short of repelling. Nevertheless even after Communism fell, he continued to receive his monthly pension, which was about five […]