Pope Decides Converting Others is Wrong

The pro-immigration Pope Francis, a true spirit of our times, suddenly decided that converting infidels is wrong. In an interview with Eugenio Scalfari published in La Repubblica, the Pope says: Proselytism is solemn nonsense, it makes no sense. We need to get to know each other, listen to each other and improve our knowledge of […]

Splendor Solis VII: Oration to the Mother of the Gods

Is it requisite that we should speak about particulars of this kind; and that we should divulge, by a written oration, things which it is not lawful to mention, and which are ineffable? I mean, who Attis or Gallus is; and who the mother of the gods: what the particulars are respecting her sacred rites; […]

Splendor Solis V: To Apollo and the Sun

The Sun’s resplendent deity I sing, The beauteous offspring of almighty Jove, Who, thro’ the vivifying solar fount Within his fabricative mind conceal’d, A triad form’d of splendid solar gods; From whence the world’s all-various forms emerg’d From mystic darkness into beauteous light, Perfect, and full of intellectual goods. Hail! Supermundane king of light divine, […]

Splendor Solis IV: The Last Pagan

The short-lived Emperor Julian (331-363 CE) succeeded Constantine in 361 CE. He shocked the empire by renouncing Christianity, which earned him the title “the Apostate” by Church historians. He issued an edict of religious freedom (which concerned those that didn’t even know the meaning of the term – the rabid murderous fanatics of Galilee and […]

Splendor Solis III: Cernunnos

Cernunnos is a name given to the Celtic Horned God. Horn – in Gaulish and Galatian karnon, Latin cornu , Germanic hurnaz, English horn, Proto-Indo-European k̑r̥no-. The name itself appears only in one instance – on the Pillar of Boatmen, built in the 1st century and recovered from under Notre-Dame de Paris on 6 March […]

Splendor Solis II: The Sun, the Crown, the Swastika

The ancient Egyptian civilization is the oldest European (=ethnic term) civilization which you can study and learn from, which makes it the single most valuable source of knowledge about our past. The European period in Egypt started in 5100 BC or earlier. Merimda, the earliest Lower Egyptian site dates back to that time and is […]